2021-2022 Calendar

• Full Program
• Shared Housing for a Community-Based Experience
• Scholarships Available

October 25-29 Opening and Orientation Week
November 21-28 Thanksgiving Break
December 17 – January 4 Christmas Break
February 28 – March 4 Native Musicale – Anchorage
TBD Hearts Going Torwards Wellness Conferences
TBD Alaska Bible College Audit
TBD Alaska Bible College Student Events and Chapels
TBD Alaska Bible College Student Retreats
May 6 (evening) Final Celebration
May 7-8 Move out of Housing

Classes may include:

  • Variety of Speakers from our Governance Council
  • Bible- Big Picture
  • Bible- Learning to Study
  • Bible- What Does God Say About How to Manage Life Well?
  • Activities
  • Mentor Meetings
  • Internship Possibilities