Program Overview

LEaD Alaska is an opportunity to come away from the craziness of life and enter into a community environment focused on helping you become a true disciple of God. As you attend this culturally-relevant residential program, you will be encouraged to mature in your faith and personal character. You will reside on our campus in dorm-style accommodations. You will develop meaningful and deep relationships with the LEaD Alaska staff, visiting staff, and one another as you participate in learning experiences and walk through six months of life on our campus.

You will interact with key leaders from Alaska and beyond. Working with you, we will create a program to address your faith journey goals and personal aspirations. Classroom experiences will be enhanced by vocational and life skill opportunities, as well as internships and modular classes.

What if….you meet this challenge?  What would God do?

Discipleship and Mentoring

Jesus said, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me.”Matt. 16:24.  As a follower of Jesus you will be encouraged to develop your attitude as a life-long learner. Through relationships you will be challenged to deepen your covenant commitment to God. You will develop your ability to receive spiritual discipline, demonstrate your dedication to follow mature believers, and become a true disciple even as you are equipped to disciple others.


You will develop your leadership skills through experiential learning opportunities. You will have opportunities to sharpen your ability to lead others through your servant heart, develop and sustain healthy teams, and gain expertise in numerous other skills related to servant leadership.


The Word is the foundation of our faith, but what does it really say?  Regardless of any previous training our participants have had, we will use the Bible as our foundational material throughout the program. You will have the opportunity to get a good grasp of the BIG picture of the Bible through a chronological study. You will also have the opportunity to skillfully study Scripture inductively. Finally, you will participate in topical studies that integrate the Bible with leadership through modules led by Alaska Freedom Journey, and other courses led by our partnership organizations.


When we mention “God,”what image do you see? What do you believe about sin? What does answered prayer mean? What is a “working spirituality?”  All of these questions reflect the way we see life, or our worldview. You will have opportunities to gain an awareness of exactly what IS worldview, how it affects us personally, how it affects our ministry, and ways this must be addressed to grow in our faith and disciple others effectively. You will participate in self-evaluation and develop principles of understanding other cultures and how we can move ourselves and others to a biblical worldview.

Life Skills & Vocational Training

Based on your individual needs and desires, you will have the opportunity to grow in several areas. These could include such things as: developing and living on a personal budget, meal preparation, beginning technical skills such as welding, carpentry, auto mechanic, or beginning domestic skills such as sewing, knitting, quilting. This could also include driver training and assistance securing a drivers’license.

Emotional Healthy Faith

Emotional health is an integral component of a mature faith and walk with God. LEaD Alaska participants will have opportunities to grow in their emotional health and heal from wounds of the soul. You will participate with “Hearts Going Towards Wellness”workshops, one of our Partnership Organizations. You will receive training in the “Genesis Process,”a relapse prevention program. Finally, you will have support from biblical counselors and pastoral counselors as you grow in this area of your life.


Working with your area of interest, we will develop opportunities for you to sharpen your ministry skills while participating in the program. These opportunities could include working in local churches, camps, or ministry organizations as we seek to equip you for ministry in the area to which God is leading.